Health Checks

2013 Report

Towards ensuring that the health of the children and their families is well catered, this year we continued  with the NHIF(a health cover), and we also carried out a general health screening to all the children.  

While preparing for the activity a meeting with the D.M.O from both Marimanti and Gatunga district hospitals was convened to assess the possibilities and modalities of working together, to our surprise the outcome was very positive since we did not only strike a deal for collaboration but we managed to get most of the essential drugs including Anti malaria, and HIV test kits for free, through this WU partnership was also strengthened.

This year exercise was amazing working with the local professionals and we did not come across a referral case like the previous year, all the children were dewormed, examined, tested and various diagnosis made, those that were found to be ailing were given medication.  However one teenage girl  was issued with medication after examination and some further treatment was recommended if her situation did not improve.  WU took up this girl's matter and organized her to go Matiri mission hospital where she was referred to take up a CT scan, and she was sent for further investigations and treatment.


Another case that we follow us was a young man, who the previous year had been treated for a tumour behind the eye and subsequently had the tumor removed and the eye, and we checked with the hospital and he was pronounced healed.   On his last visit to the hospital he was prescribed with protective glasses to prevent the functioning eye from damage, we have managed to link his family up with an organization sponsored by the Catholic church offering medication and treatment for eye problems.  This young boy's glass frame measurements were taken and we trust that soon he is will receive his glasses.

Each child on our program become a member of the NHIF scheme, and this has really helped the families especially women during delivery. Recently the scheme helped a young mother, to one of our sponsored children, who was undergoing an operation during her delivery.  This was a great benefit to the family, who would have been burdened to pay the hospital bill but it was  paid through the scheme.  This is only one instant where the scheme has been beneficial, but it is fair to say that not only the sponsored children but the entire family have found it advantageous.